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Born May 24th, 1957, NYC. I received a Bachelor of
Music degree with a Major in Theory & Composition
from Denison University in 1979, moved to Boston &
have gigged throughout New England since then. I
play jazz, country, R&B, Brasilian, blues, pop &
classical music. My main instrument is the guitar,
but I also perform on the violin & electric bass.
Some bands I've been in are: Traces, the Sun Moun-
tain Band, the John Payne Band, the Back Roads Band,
Fountainhead, the Boogaloo Swamis, Luxury Liner,
the Mark Snyder Quartet, the Delgados, Tulsa Queen,
Ray Cross & the Country Heartbeats, Vince Thompson,
the Squeezebox Stompers & of course, Andy Solberg & Friends.

I'll play my Gibson ES-150 on jazz gigs, my '68
Telecaster on country dates, a Stratocaster for
almost anything, & my '80 Ibanez Artist for fusion
style tunes. My Esteve nylon string guitar gets
used for Brasilian & classical genres. I play my
electrics thru either an early 60's Fender Deluxe
Reverb or an early 70's Fender Super Reverb. I play
a Peavey T-40 electric bass. I also play mandolin,
piano, drums, recorder, & have been known to play
the trumpet & trombone in my church.I made my 1st
recording under my own name in 2004. It's called
"Headwaters" and may be purchased thru this site.
My 2nd CD ('09) is titled "Live at Jaec's" from an '06 trio
gig w/ Ted DeColo & Marshall Wood. My third CD is w/ the band,
Fountainhead, titled "Live at the Chapel Meetinghouse" ('10).
My new CD is called "Elliot's Theory"

Email me if you'd like me to perform with or for you.

                                 Peace, -Andy

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